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Our Platform

Our Platform

Bully - Find YOUR new job at the RIGHT company

What we deliver

Responsive Design

Hopefully in the end game we provide you with a completely responsive design, so no matter what device your using to access Bully, you'll always get a perfect look glitch free.


Use Calendly to book time directly if you are a recruiter trying to catch up with a member. Or hey want to add a personal touch? Setup a 1 min video resume where potential employers can see what you are all about!


Security is a must nowadays whenever you share your personal data and experiences and keeping this in mind, we take utmost care of ensuring all the products used are secure and we will never sell your data.

Anti Spam Features

A community free of spams helps in your experience which is what we want, plus I hate the stuff.

Everything collaborated at one place

Want to make the best ever community? Join us. We provide everything you need in one place - 1) call out the Bully if you worked at a company like that 2) Free video chat / messenger 3) Jobs and networking with recruiters 4) Twitter - stay connected. We have a tab where you can post direct and receive your feeds.

Eye Catching Community

Booyah!!! Need we say more here?

Current Jobs

Current Jobs

Here are some of our current jobs that are posted. Check them out and see if there is a potential fit, it's free to register!

Download the app (still in progress! we'll keep you posted)

Post reviews, apply to jobs, interview with recruiters on potential jobs - all on mobile.

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