About Us

Hi there, my name is Jim and I’m the founder of bully. Born and raised in Canada and now working and living in the US after 5 years in London, UK.  I’ve been in the ‘corporate world’ for 20+ years now and was ‘bullied’ in various roles throughout (in all countries) – the last role which ended pre-COVID 19 was the tipping point and was the impetus for me to start this platform, enough was enough… 

I have been sworn at, publicly humiliated, mocked, tormented, put down, and shunned/excluded over the years and irrespective of what had occurred, no employee nor human deserves that treatment. No matter how hard I tried, some of it goes home – how can it not? And I have a wife and two young boys, and I know I brought my pain home to them and it affected everyone.

This platform is our voice. My belief is that if a company either condones or condemns a ‘bully culture’ that is what ultimately determines its long-term success as the largest asset in any company is not on the balance sheet, it’s the people at the company that make it happen.


‘The’ Mission

To provide a platform connecting professionals with companies that have a great ‘bully’ culture providing jobs and opportunities at companies you love and can get behind


Members – 
the reason why this platform exists. Respect and ensure the user’s voice is heard. They come first.

Openness and Transparency – 
we are open and honest folk, no games. We share the good, bad, and ugly and if the latter then we figure out the makeover and execute on it. 

Respect – 
this is a core bully value. We treat each other with respect, integrity, and ultimately compassion. Do the right thing (even when no one’s watching).

Grit – 
we are resourceful, we push through and don’t let small things hold us back, we do not give up.